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Spot Ethanol Prices Edge Up at Argo, Flat Elsewhere

Spot ethanol prices were a tad higher in Chicago, but were flat in other regional hubs during an extremely thin early trade session Monday, as traders were attending an industry conference in Las Vegas.

Ethanol delivered to the Kinder Morgan-operated Argo terminal was pegged at $2.46 to $2.48 gallon bid/ask, up 1 cent on the session, with this week-delivered spot ethanol in Iowa trading at $2.41 per gallon, unchanged on the session. Prices were boosted last week by lower domestic output following recent shutdowns of some ethanol plants.

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Roger Cooper
2/5/2013 | 3:57 AM CST
A Fox Business program called "Bulls and Bears" the other day in one of their segments was trashing the ethanol industry, subsidies, and the use of E15. Can someone talk to these idots and make them change their minds?