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Russia Wheat Precip Update

Bryce Anderson
By  Bryce Anderson , DTN Senior Ag Meteorologist
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Following is an update on the precipitation situation in Russia's winter wheat areas, as described by Informa Economics. There is a dry trend so far this fall and may have an adverse effect on getting the next winter wheat crop established.--Bryce

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"There was little change in the overall weather pattern across much of the FSU. Conditions remained drier than normal although showers and rains fell across Belarus and far western portions of Ukraine. Crops continue to mature and dry affording good harvest conditions in most areas. Rains would be a benefit for the pre-plant season in the winter wheat areas of western Russia and Ukraine. Temperatures remained warmer than normal, but were not as hot as that of the previous week."

Here's how the Russia precipitation breaks out:

For the past week, through Sunday September 20, winter wheat area precipitation averaged out at 3.5 millimeters (mm) or about .14 inch--less than a quarter of an inch. For the month ending Sunday, September 20, total precipitation is 15.0 mm or about .60 inch. Normal month to date precipitation is 22.3 mm, or .89 inch. So, the monthly precip total is about 68 percent of normal--32 percent below normal.

Since July 1, the difference is sharper. Total Russian wheat region precip is 75.6 mm or just over 3 inches. That is only 62 percent of normal 121.9 mm or 4.88 inches. So, there is indeed some dryness in the winter wheat country of Russia.



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