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Mike Palmerino
By  Mike Palmerino , DTN Senior Ag Meteorologist

Once again there were no major surprises in the latest crop reports. Weather conditions remain very favorable in the western Midwest as evidenced by the high percentage of both corn and soybeans rated good to excellent. However it remains a different story in the eastern Midwest where crop ratings are not nearly as good as in the west. As we all know this is not due to hot, dry weather but due to excessive wetness. The region being most impacted by this extends from eastern Illinois eastward across Indiana and into Ohio. Western Illinois conditions are more like the western Midwest. The main issues for corn and soybeans appear to be related to planting dates. Earlier plantings on well drained soils are faring better than later plantings that are showing poor growth due to nutrient deficiency caused by the excessive rainfall. The soft wheat crop has also been hit hard with low quality, scab, sprouting, mold and in some cases the presence of vomitoxin.

We are hopeful that the worst is over in terms of the wet weather impacting crop ratings. The character of the weather patterns through the end of the month will continue to feature episodes of scattered showers and thunderstorms. However what we think may happen is that there will be more breaks in between rain events allowing for fields to dry out more.

Much of the southern US has seen more of a turn to hotter and drier conditions which is depleting soil moisture, especially in the Delta states. We are expecting to see a pattern that would feature mostly above normal temperatures and below normal rainfall through the end of the month. This will put more stress on pod filling soybeans.




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