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Rain, Snow And Planting

Bryce Anderson
By  Bryce Anderson , DTN Ag Meteorologist and DTN Analyst
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Monday afternoon's crop progress and condition reports will show a big change from 2012 in terms of corn planting, with no reports. That's no surprise considering that there is a much slower start to planting in 2013 compared with 2012. A year ago, only North Dakota and Wisconsin showed zero corn planting progress at this time in April.

This year--what a contrast. Of the top 18 corn-producing states, there has certainly been some planting in Texas, Tennessee, North Carolina, Missouri and Kentucky. Outside of those states, it's hard to gauge. We know that some growers were planting in Illinois late last week and over the weekend; also possibly in Indiana. But that's only 7 of the top 18.

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It's hard to get a reading on when some of these states will get going as well. After all, this week features a big rain and snowstorm in the Midwest and the northern and western Plains. That's likely to keep things delayed again for the rest of this week in the areas without snow. Farther north, the extensive delays in North Dakota and northwestern Minnesota just keep getting added to by more cold temperatures along with some snow.

A follow-up or corollary question to progress is this--is it time to be worried about major planting delays? I was asked this question during a radio interview Monday. My answer is--at this time, no--because it's early April. But, if we're dealing with these issues in three weeks, I think there would be a justifiable round of worry over late planting and its impact on yield and crop size.


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