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GAO Cites Federal Risks on Climate Change

Chris Clayton
By  Chris Clayton , DTN Ag Policy Editor
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There has probably been more discussion in government policy about climate change over the past few weeks than in the past two years combined.

On Thursday, a Government Accountability Office report cited the fiscal exposure facing the federal government due to the increasing impacts and costs of weather disasters once considered "rare." As the report stated, "Among other impacts, climate change could threaten coastal areas with rising sea level, alter agricultural productivity, and increase the intensity and frequency of severe weather events such as floods, drought and hurricanes."

As the report stated, "The federal government is not well positioned to address the fiscal exposure presented by climate change, and needs a government wide strategic approach with strong leadership to manage related risks."

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Federal agencies have released their climate change adaptation plans for public comment, including USDA. The plan is now open for public comment until April 8.…

Contrary to popular belief, there are producers and conservationists urging the federal government, and specifically President Barack Obama, to be more aggressive in focusing on climate change to protect the nation's food security. Clay Pope, executive director of the Oklahoma Association of Conservation Districts, released a video before the president gave his State of the Union address.…

More information about ecological work in Oklahoma can be found at…

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