February 2024

Your Land

Seth Watkins wants to return intensively farmed ground back to a prairie system. (Joseph L. Murphy)

Depleted by years of crop production, farmer transitions to regenerative practices to restore soil health and returns.

Your Farm

A crowd packs in at the FIRA USA event, in Salinas, California, to see the WeedSpider robot, one of more than a dozen self-driving autonomous machines featured. (Joel Reichenberger)

As new ag age approaches, some questions remain.

Your Life

Cory Bryk, of New Life Farm, explains the finer points of trimming tomato plants. (Des Keller)

Program cultivates military veterans and their experiences to learn how to make a career working the land.


(Jennifer Carrico)

Recent price fluctuations raise questions about whether Livestock Risk Protection plays a role.


(Illustration generated by Microsoft Bing DALL-E 3)

When it comes to managing a business, family businesses often struggle to discuss several key issues, including compensation, individual performance and transitions.

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