September 2021

Your Land

The table shows Gro Intelligence's yield model results during the DTN Yield Tour, which ran Aug. 9-13. (Gro Intelligence)

DTN and Progressive Farmer partner with Gro Intelligence to examine the nation's crop conditions.

Your Farm

For more information about the CP770 (right)or CS770, visit (Provided by John Deere)

Company launches a pair of highly efficient cotton harvesters.

Your Life

Overnight PB and Chocolate Oats (Rachel Johnson)

This easy traveling jar of peanut butter, chocolate and oats makes for a quick breakfast or a snack in the field.


(Getty Images)

Supply and demand factors will continue to favor producers for the foreseeable future.


A picture is worth a thousand words, but words can't describe our delight that Senior Editor Joel Reichenberger was named 2021 AAEA Photographer of the Year. (Provided by Joel Reichenberger)

The DTN/Progressive Farmer team wins numerous awards for photography, writing and design. Also, see our September 2021 stories dedicated to seed.

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