May 2023

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Per-Acre Prices (Progressive Farmer)

May 2023 Recent Farmland Sales

Your Farm

Travis Snowden is selling aggressively to take advantage of the strong feeder cattle market. (Joel Reichenberger)

The long-term outlook for cattle prices is expected to stay strong into 2025.

Your Life

Writer and photographer Des Keller travels to his once ancestors' farm to retrace the steps of a family tragedy. (Des Keller)

A great-grandson reflects on the past as he retraces a family tragedy.


Joseph Egloff started a small processing and packing plant to sell his cattle direct to local markets. (Becky Mills)

Starting or expanding a small packing plant is challenging and expensive.


(Photo illustration by Barry Falkner)

The Green Book is the president's budget for the upcoming fiscal year. Contained within the Green Book are tax proposals that "pay" for the various budget items that may or may not get passed.

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