October 2020

Your Land

Bison are being used to help reestablish native plant species at Indiana's Kankakee Sands project. (Progressive Farmer image by Dave Tonge)

Patch-burn grazing helps The Nature Conservancy restore an Indiana farming ecosystem to native prairie.

Your Farm

Green shading shows higher (dark green) and lower (light green) county yield estimates on Gro Intelligence's real-time yield maps in the states included in this year's digital yield tour. (Progressive Farmer image courtesy of Gro Intelligence)

2020 Digital Yield Tour predicts possible record corn and soybean production.

Your Life

Safety Day participants learn firsthand just how dangerous grain can be and the amount of force it takes to rescue someone trapped in flowing grain. (Progressive Farmer image by Progressive Agriculture Foundation)

Make a fresh start this fall by turning over a new leaf when it comes to SAFETY!


Hay feeders can save 30 to 40% from waste compared to feeding on the ground. (Progressive Farmer image by Boyd Kidwell)

Add genetics, and today's cattle producers have three good ways to cut feed bills.



Estimating yields is hardly a simple process, with the third annual DTN/Progressive Farmer Digital Yield Tour being a case in point.

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