July 2020

Your Land

In three years, Billy Helton's organic levels in cultivated soils have doubled. Billy and son Will take a close-up look. (Progressive Farmer image by Becky Mills)

Intensive grazing plan saves money and boosts productivity in just under four years.

Your Farm

John Deere built its Command Cab concept to manage not just the tractor in the field but the whole farm. (Progressive Farmer image provided by John Deere)

The tractor cab may be in for a makeover, realigning for a future as a rolling office when driving is an afterthought.

Your Life

Slow-Baked Salmon (Progressive Farmer image by Rachel Johnson)

This cooking method makes for rich, buttery fish every time.


Virginia cattleman Basil Gooden says meat shortages could lead to long-term changes in how people buy and consume beef. (Progressive Farmer image courtesy of Basil Gooden)

Consumers seek out local cattle producers to buy beef directly from the source.


(Progressive Farmer image by Brent Warren)

Editor in Chief Gregg Hillyer discusses the Progressive Farmer Reader Insights survey.

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