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  • Steve VanGrunsven, Forest Grove, Oregon, harvests a winning white winter wheat field. (Photo Courtesy of Steven VanGrunsven)

    Wheat Overcomes Climate Extremes

    Wheat contest winners overcome climate extremes in 2021.

  • The first fully electric, driver-optional tractor, the Monarch, is designed to help solve chronic labor shortages, reduce diesel emissions and help improve thin farming margins. (Provided by Monarch Tractor)

    Game Changing Monarch Tractor

    World's first electric, driver-optional smart tractor is making its way into fields.

  • (Provided by Greeneye Technology)

    Smart Sprayer Technology

    Armed with cameras, sensors and algorithms, these high-tech tools aim to reduce costs and drift with pinpoint herbicide application.

  • Jeremy Goyings uses various tech tools and data points to augment information he gathers when soil sampling grids. (Jodi Miller)

    Data Farmers

    Growers analyze tiers of data to gain greater insights to enhance productivity and profits on every acre.

  • Deere's TruSet system lets farmers automatically adjust tillage tools based on specific field conditions. (Provided by John Deere)

    Tillage Technology Boosts Efficiencies

    Prescription tillage boosts greater efficiencies and land stewardship benefits.

  • Brett Arnusch is the data-comprehension expert on his Colorado farm. (Joel Reichenberger)

    Use Farm Data To Drive the Bottom Line

    Data won't improve production processes until it brings site-specific solutions to production challenges.

  • Andrew Nelson uses an array of sensors both in his fields and on aerial drones to monitor his crops. He currently has five drones, four for scouting and one as a sprayer. (Joel Reichenberger)

    Drones and Tech on the Cutting Edge

    This innovative farmer uses technology to keep his farm running.