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  • Valley Irrigation EnCompass on left uses GPS and field maps to vary flow of corner system nozzles while the company's Insights system on right uses pivot based cameras to identify problems in fields. (Supplied by Valley Irrigation)

    Irrigation Technology Advancements

    Precision-farming technology coupled with machine learning is rapidly changing pivots far beyond water application.

  • Dave Geils partnered with Sabanto to automate his Challenger tractor, which now tills fields without a driver. (Matthew Wilde)

    Autonomous Technology

    Sabanto scales up business by installing its technology in farmer-owned tractors.

  • (Provided by Nutrien eKonomics)

    Ask the Agronomist

    Optimizing returns on every dollar spent on fertilizer and crop nutrition holds the key to profitable crop production. Ask the Agronomist, brought to you by eKonomics, provides crucial nutrient management answers as you prepare for the 2022 growing season.

  • John Deere 8R autonomous tractor moves with the visual power of six stereo cameras. (Provided by John Deere)

    Autonomous John Deere Tractor

    Deere launches its first wave of autonomous machines.

  • While hiding beneath an old feed truck, Jim Rathbun watched his Kansas farmhouse burn to rubble. (Larry Reichenberger)

    Derecho Disaster

    Derecho-driven fires leave little but rubble for Kansas ranchers.

  • Greg Entinger saves 155 hours annually by making just one trip -- fall strip-tilling before corn and no-tilling soybeans. At $20 per hour, that's an annual labor savings of $3,100. (Steve Woit)

    Strip Till Economics

    Minnesota farmer switches systems to reduce input and equipment costs, as well as time spent in the field.

  • (Matthew Wilde)

    Cotton Harvest Prices

    A bountiful and profitable 2021 harvest brightens prospects for cotton growers.