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  • Tests by USDA-ARS researchers reveal the Veris Technology's iScan unit provides more consistent organic matter maps (left) than Precision Planting's SmartFirmer. (USDA-ARS)

    Make Sense of Soil-Sensing Tech

    Researchers find value and limitations to in-furrow planter sensors.

  • Stuart Sanderson (from left), Mike Henderson and Chad Henderson make final inspections. (Brent Warren)

    Do the Little Things

    Big yields require focus on off-season planter maintenance to ensure uniform and precision seed placement.

  • Great Plains PL5700 (provided by Great Plains)

    Great Plains PL5700

    The PL5700 is a simple, straightforward, price-competitive planter, available in 12- and 16-row configurations with bulk-fill or on-row hoppers and an assortment of drives, fertilizer and attachment options.

  • Deere's planter performance upgrade kit allowed David Hula to rebuild his existing rig with new technology. (Joel Reichenberger)

    Rebuild for Success

    Unable to purchase a new planter amidst the supply crises, one of corn farming's best opted to overhaul his old machine.

  • Beefed-Up Hay Ring (Ray E. Watkins Jr.)

    Handy Devices

    Easy-to-build ideas make your work easier. Readers send in helpful solutions to farm and ranch problems.

  • (Getty Images, Photo Illustration by Barry Falkner)

    Use Financial Metrics to Make Informed Decisions

    Financial ratios help measure the strength of your business.

  • CNH's Driver Assist Harvest Solution gives combine operators the ability to call autonomous grain carts for on-the-go off-loading. (Provided by CNH Industrial)

    CNH Rolls Out New Technology During Its 2022 Tech Day

    Case IH and New Holland show off new technologies and equipment.