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  • A narrow-row corn crop gets hungry, and Wallis Farms uses sidedressing to meet the yield goals of each field. (Mary Ann Carter)

    Lessons of 20-Inch Rows

    Two decades of shaving row widths serves up lessons in Indiana.

  • A commercial wind turbine, such as this one in northwest Iowa, takes about 0.5 to 1 acre of farmland out of production. (Progressive Farmer image by Matthew Putney)

    Farm With the Wind

    Opportunity and opposition accompany wind energy in rural America.

  • Stuart Sanderson says this Gator offers improved speed and handling. (Progressive Farmer image by Charles Seifried)

    Farm Workhorse

    Grower puts John Deere's new 2021 XUV835M Gator through its paces.

  • See and Spray Select treats individual weeds, bringing to farmers the ability to reduce their herbicide applications by as much as 77 percent. (Progressive Farmer image provided by John Deere)


    See and Spray targeted weed-management technology, upgraded 8RX highlight Deere's biggest equipment rollout ever.

  • Post Tamper (Progressive Farmer image by Ralph Mark Jr.)

    Handy Devices

    Easy-to-build ideas make your work easier. Readers send in helpful solutions to farm and ranch problems

  • State-by-state dicamba cutoff dates are still in flux. Check with the local department of agriculture for your state's rules. (Progressive Farmer image by Pamela Smith)

    Dicamba Label Updates

    Consider these new regs when spraying Xtend crops.

  • Mike Howell, Brought to You by Nutrien's eKonomics

    Ask the Agronomist

    Optimizing returns on every dollar spent on fertilizer and crop nutrition holds the key to profitable crop production. Ask The Agronomist, brought to you by eKonomics, provides crucial nutrient management answers as you prepare for the 2021 growing season.