• Guillermo and Jackie Pineda emphasize BQA principles to help them market cattle at a premium. (Becky Mills)

    BQA Program Sets U.S. Producers Apart

    Beef Quality Assurance certification is a proven path to market premiums.

  • Dennis Pearson (Becky Mills)

    Test Hay Before Buying

    Forage testing is a money-saver, ensuring the right hay is being fed to the right cows.

  • Walt and Peggy Prevatt (Becky Mills)

    Cattle Flexibility

    Flexibility can be the make-or-break element when cattle markets are volatile.

  • Chris Hardee believes the best calf crops come from healthy cows where good nutrition is emphasized during pregnancy. (Becky Mills)

    Healthy Calves Bring Rewards

    Feedlot-ready calves are an investment in time and inputs, but the rewards are there.

  • (Getty Images)

    Fall Cattle Market Outlook

    Supply and demand factors will continue to favor producers for the foreseeable future.

  • (Jim Patrico)

    Forages Crucial for Good Stocker System

    Forage availability is crucial as drought adds to market volatility.

  • Wedge Barthe (Becky Mills)

    Rotational Grazing Fundamentals

    Pasture fundamentals are the key to this 40-year success story.