• (Chris Clayton)

    Cull Cows Play a Key Role

    Often 20 percent of a ranch's annual income, how do you maximize their value?

  • (Greg Latza)

    High Demand for Certified Cattle

    Market pros say demand is high for cattle with the right kinds of certifications.

  • (Karl Wolfshohl)

    High-Risk Calves Lose Value

    High-risk calves lose value as feeders shift to less population-based management.

  • Producers are optimistically watching markets as they move into the second half of the year. (Jim Patrico)

    More Upside in the Second Half of the Year

    As prices move in favor of producers, expect more upside the second half of the year.

  • (Progressive Farmer image by Boyd Kidwell)

    Polio in Calves

    Watch for these signs of sulfur toxicity.

  • Preventing illness in a herd requires good records and a veterinarian to advise on ways to avoid health problems. (Progressive Farmer image by Boyd Kidwell)

    Genetic Hopes

    Alternatives to antimicrobials are a high priority, but predicting their effectiveness is a challenge.

  • Scott Barao aims for cattle to gain 1.8 to 2.2 pounds a day on forages at his Maryland farm. (Progressive Farmer image by Becky Mills)

    Build on Buyer Connections

    Veteran direct-beef marketers say keeping new customers requires consistency.