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Generally Favorable Weather Conditions in South America

Mike Palmerino
By  Mike Palmerino , DTN Senior Ag Meteorologist

Favorably drier weather has returned to the major corn and soybean areas of central Argentina. This will allow for any remaining planting or replanting to take place. A drier weather pattern is expected to continue into the end of the month. Long range guidance indicates scattered showers and thunderstorms in early February. If this occurs, nearly ideal growing conditions will continue.

The only area experiencing a problem is the double-cropped soybean areas in southern Buenos Aires. This region has seen significant dryness and some hot weather. Reduced double-cropped acreage and production is expected.

The situation in most of Brazil also remains quite favorable. The harvest is increasing in central Brazil. Some disruptions due to rain are occurring. However, with an early harvest due to an early planting this year, double-cropped corn will be planted early under very favorable moisture conditions. Soil moisture is adequate in southern Brazil for developing soybeans.

The only problem area is northeast Brazil centered around Bahia state. This region has expected some significant dryness and hot weather. Production losses can be expected. However, this is a relatively minor production area.

Seasonally drier weather has returned to the Southern Plains winter wheat areas after some unusually heavy rains earlier in the month. This increase in soil moisture will improve conditions for the crop when it breaks dormancy in the spring.

No major winter storms or cold weather for the Midwest and Northern Plains is expected during the next seven days. Conditions are expected to be quite favorable at the start of the spring planting season.

Soil moisture continues to be recharged in the Delta and Southeast states this winter after a very dry fall. They should be in great shape as we move into spring.

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