Case IH Unveils New Spilt-Row Planter, Air Drill

Dan Miller
By  Dan Miller , Progressive Farmer Senior Editor
With 525 gallons of fertilizer capacity and 100 bushels of seed capacity, the Case IH 2150S Early Riser front-fold trailing planter gives producers more time in their field. (Photo courtesy of Case IH)

Case IH announced on Wednesday it is adding two new implements to its lineup: the 2150S Early Riser front-fold trailing planter and the Precision Disk 550 series air drill.


The split-row planter, 525-gallon fertilizer tank and greater seed capacity (two 50-bushel tanks) gives operators an ability to cover more acres between fills, Case IH said in a news release.

The 2150S Early Riser front-fold trailing planter lets operators take advantage of narrow-row planting with a range of configurations, including 23, 24, 31 or 32 rows with 15-inch spacing, or 24 rows with 20-inch spacing.

In-cab hydraulic row unit lift control allows operators to convert from 15- to 30-inch spacing with no manual lifting or tools required. When planting in a split-row configuration, a row unit offset of nearly 50 inches helps increase residue flow and minimize plugging.

Ground-following capabilities are made possible by a wing flex of plus/minus 15 degrees combined with plus/minus 8 inches of row unit travel. This ensures the row units remain in contact with soil, even in rugged terrain. Optional hydraulic wing downforce helps ensure seed depth control on the wings.

The 2150S's front-fold design offers a narrow transport width of 13 feet, and an on-screen, step-by-step folding-and-unfolding system provides transition from transport to field operation.

Tank options include the planter-frame-mounted 525-gallon tank capacity and a pull-hitch towed fertilizer cart option.


The Case IH Precision Disk 550 air drill is designed to boost yield potential in a variety of crops and tillage practices, the manufacturer said in a news release.

The Precision Disk 550's new closing system with indexable angle adjustments (from 0-13 degrees) delivers effective seed trench closing -- from conventional to no-till, Case IH said. Also, a range of gauge wheel widths and styles accommodate different field and crop conditions.

The Case IH parallel-link row unit design is built to ensure consistent coulter depth and accurate seed placement. A variable down-pressure spring holds each row unit in contact with the ground, while a forward-facing seed tube helps minimize seed bounce. Operators can adjust to changing field conditions on the go with in-cab hydraulic down pressure control.

The Precision Disk 550T air drill offers a tank capacity of up to 140 bushels. High-flotation tire options accommodate the greater tank capacities and reduce compaction.

To help reduce plugging in muddy conditions, gauge wheel options are now available with an open-spoke design. The 4.5-inch option matches conventional tillage conditions, while a 3-inch option is built to handle tougher, no-till conditions. A new seed trench scraper is available to cleanly cut the seed trench.

Both the 2150S Early Riser planter and Precision Disk 550 Series air drill are available to order for spring 2023.

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