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Arizona to Allow E15 Sales in Phoenix Area, Final Rule Takes Effect March 5

Todd Neeley
By  Todd Neeley , DTN Environmental Editor
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The state of Arizona finalized a rule that allows E15 sales in the Greater Phoenix area. (DTN file photo)

LINCOLN, Neb. (DTN) – Starting on March 5 the state of Arizona will allow E15 sales in the Phoenix area as part of a final rule issued by the state.

The Arizona Department of Agriculture Weights and Measures Services Division will allow E15 to be sold there as part of the state's Clean Burning Gasoline program.

E15 sales currently are allowed across the state year-round, in areas outside of the Greater Phoenix area in Maricopa County. The new final rule,…, opens E15 sales in an area of the country that reported some of the highest gasoline prices last summer. For example, at one point in June 2022 gas prices in Tempe, Arizona, came in at more than $6 per gallon at a time when the national average was just a little higher than $5.

According to Growth Energy, U.S. drivers saved an average of 16 cents per gallon when buying E15. In addition, the group said a nationwide transition to E15 would save consumers about $20.6 billion annually on fuel costs.

"E15 delivered big savings for working families over this past year, and that momentum continues to grow," said Chris Bliley, Growth Energy senior vice president of regulatory affairs.

Bliley submitted comments in favor of the rule last August.

"Not only will this rule lift outdated limits on our retail partners," he said in a statement, "it positions Arizona to take full advantage of new federal infrastructure resources to expand competition at the pump."

Growth Energy member Eco-Energy operates an ethanol distribution terminal in Phoenix.

Eco-Energy CEO Craig Willis said in written testimony submitted to the state that the action will help consumers in the Phoenix area.

"Allowing E15 will align Arizona with the vast majority of U.S. states that have already done so, add supply opportunity to chronically tight petroleum markets, and give consumers another option at the pump," Willis said.

Earlier this week the EPA approved petitions from eight states, to allow permanent E15 sales year-round,….

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