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Argo, NYH Spot Ethanol Prices Decline on Bearish Supply Data

Spot ethanol prices traded lower in Chicago and at the New York Harbor on Wednesday after the Energy Information Administration reported domestic ethanol plant production surged 52,000 bpd during the second week of October while up 21,000 bpd versus a year ago and blending demand nationwide fell 15,000 bpd. Prompt delivered ethanol at the Argo supply hub in the Chicago market traded more than six times at $1.4125 gallon for a 2.0cts loss. Chicago ethanol traded under Rule 11 for this week shipment was bid at a $1.38 gallon, down 2.25cts. New York Harbor ethanol barges were talked at a $1.45 to $1.49 gallon bid/ask for a 2.5cts loss.

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