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RIN Values Move Mixed in Early Trade Tuesday

Renewable Identification Numbers, the credits used by oil refiners and importers to show compliance with the Renewable Fuel Standard, moved mixed for 2017 originated D6 renewable and D4 biomass-based diesel.

D6 RINs, overwhelmingly satisfied with corn-based ethanol, traded at 76.0 cents before strengthening to a range of 76.0 to 79.0 cents in discussion, boosting the credit 0.5 cent. D4 RINs, satisfied with biodiesel or renewable diesel, traded at $1.05, down 0.5 cent.

RINs are generated when a qualified renewable fuel is produced or imported, and moves through the supply chain with the blendstock. RINs can be separated from the renewable as it moves downstream and traded in the open market.

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1/10/2017 | 4:45 PM CST
RINS! If you have enough bucks, you can buy your right to pollute.