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Spot Ethanol Prices Climb on Strong Demand

Spot ethanol prices at the Argo terminal in the Chicago market, as well as in the New York Harbor and California, extended higher in early trade Tuesday, boosted by short-term demand for domestic use and exports, sources said.

The Energy Information Administration last week said ethanol stocks tumbled to an 18.4 million bbl 13-month low in late November, and trade sources expect data to be released Wednesday (12/7) will show a further draw for the week-ended Dec. 2.

Argo prompt supply traded at $1.72 per gallon for a 1.0-cent gain. Prompt New York Harbor barge was offered at $1.80 per gallon for a 1.0-cent gain. Prompt delivered ethanol in northern California was talked at a $1.83 to $1.86 per gallon bid/ask spread, up 2.5 cents.

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12/7/2016 | 11:19 PM CST
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