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Chicago, NYH Spot Ethanol Prices Gain on Fundamentals

Spot ethanol prices moved higher in Chicago and the New York Harbor on Tuesday on short-term demand and expectations that ethanol data for the week-ended Sept. 23 to be released Wednesday would show a stock draw and lower domestic output as production plants reduce runs to embark on maintenance.

Prompt ethanol supply at the Argo terminal in the Chicago market traded at $1.61 and $1.615 gallon, up 2.0cts on the day. Chicago ethanol under Rule 11 terms for this week shipment traded 1.0cts higher on the day at $1.55 gallon. October barges at the New York Harbor were talked at a $1.64 to $1.655 gallon bid/ask, up 2.0cts on the session. November barges at the Harbor were discussed at a $1.545 to $1.56 gallon bid/ask.

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