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Spot Ethanol Prices Higher across US on Strong Demand

Spot ethanol prices rose again Monday on strong demand pull amid peak seasonal driving demand, said a trade source. The market was also buoyed on expectations for a decline in production from domestic ethanol plants during the week-ended Aug. 5.

Prompt delivered ethanol at the Argo supply hub in the Chicago market traded at $1.43 per gallon, up 1.75 cents. Chicago ethanol under Rule 11 for next week shipment traded at $1.41 and $1.415 per gallon, up 1.5 cents on the day. New York Harbor August delivered ethanol barges pegged at $1.505 per gallon bid/ask, up 2.0 cents, and September barges were offered at $1.5075 per gallon, up 2.0 cents.

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