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Prairie Harvest Ranges from Slow to Full-Stop

Cliff Jamieson
By  Cliff Jamieson , Canadian Grains Analyst
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The blue bars represent the outstanding acres to be harvested for selected crops across the three prairie provinces, given Statistics Canada's harvested acre estimate and provincial harvest progress estimates for the week of Oct. 7. The brown line with markers represents the percentage of the country's total harvested acres that this represents, plotted against the secondary vertical axis. (DTN graphic by Cliff Jamieson)

This week's crop reports from the three prairie provinces shows modest gains in harvest progress, with gains ranging higher as you move from east to west. As of Oct. 8, Manitoba estimated the province's harvest at 71% complete, up from 67% the previous week. As of Oct. 7, Saskatchewan Agriculture reported that 55% of the province's crop is off, up from 47% the previous week. As we move further west, Alberta Agriculture estimated that 44.8% of major crops were off as of Oct. 8, up from 33.7% the previous week.

So what remains? The attached chart provides a glimpse of the estimated acres yet to harvest on the Canadian Prairies (blue bars measured against the primary vertical axis), along with the percent of the total Canadian acres that this estimate represents (brown line measured against the secondary vertical axis.) This is based on Statistics Canada's harvested acre estimates, along with Manitoba Agriculture's estimated harvest progress as of Oct.8, Saskatchewan Agriculture's estimate as of Oct. 7 and Alberta Agriculture's estimate as of Oct.8 for selected crops.

As seen with the blue bars on this chart, the outstanding acres of canola are estimated at 11.9 million acres as of this week, which stands out over the selected crops on this chart. The brown line indicates that this area reflects 57.5% of Canada's total harvested acre estimate, the second-highest percentage shown on this chart of selected crops, next to flax. Approximately 57% of this acreage left to harvest is in Saskatchewan, with a further 37% in Alberta.

The next largest crop shown is spring wheat, with an estimated 7.6 million acres left to harvest, or 41.2% of Statistics Canada's harvest acre estimate for Canada. Roughly 54% of this area is found in Saskatchewan, with a further 43% of the area found in Alberta.

On a percentage basis, flax stands out, with an estimated 84% of the estimated harvested acres for Canada remaining in the field, or roughly 764,000 acres.

Based on this analysis, roughly 2 million acres of barley, 1.7 million acres of durum, 1.4 million acres of soybeans and 1.2 million acres of oats are pending harvest. The total outstanding acres for these selected crops point to roughly 2.6 million acres left in Manitoba, 9.7 million in Alberta and 15.1 million in Saskatchewan.


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