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Manitoba's Harvest Drags On

Cliff Jamieson
By  Cliff Jamieson , Canadian Grains Analyst
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This chart shows the trend in the harvest progress achieved in Manitoba over the past four weeks for the four largest crops in terms of acres left to be harvested, given a combination of Statistics Canada's harvested acre estimates along with Manitoba Agriculture's harvest progress estimates. (DTN graphic by Cliff Jamieson)

Manitoba's harvest continues to drag on, given the provincial government's harvested acre estimates reported as Oct. 9. An estimated 80% of the province's total crop has been taken off, up just two points over the past week and up a modest 13 points over the past four weeks.

The province's Crop Weather report shows moisture accumulated across all five regions of the province over the eight days monitored for the report ending Oct. 9, while roughly one-third of locations monitored in the Southwest Region and the Northwest Region saw temperatures average below zero Celsius the period.

While the crop report points to spring wheat, barley, oats, canola, flax, soybeans, dried beans, sunflower and corn yet to be harvested, the four crops shown on the attached graphic make up roughly 93% of the total acres left to be harvested, given Manitoba Agriculture estimates. These crops include spring wheat, corn, soybeans and canola.

Of the roughly 1.6 million acres yet to be harvested across these four crops, the mix is comprised of approximately 5% spring wheat, 22% corn, 27% canola and 46% soybeans.

The last of the canola/spring wheat harvest has proved a challenge. The spring wheat harvest advanced just 5 percentage points over the past four weeks, from 92% complete to 97% complete, while the canola harvest advanced 7 percentage points over the same period, from 80% complete to 87% complete. The canola harvest stalled in two of the four weeks shown while spring wheat harvest was stalled in three of the four weeks shown.

The corn harvest was reported near unchanged in one of the past four weeks shown, while an estimated 14% of the harvest has been taken off over the period to an estimated 15% of the total crop, with roughly 353,770 acres to be harvested based on government estimates. The soybean harvest has shown progress in each of the past four weeks shown, with an estimated 749,520 acres or 40% of the soybean acres to be harvested, with an estimated 45% of the province's soybeans harvested over the past four weeks.

Progress is largely tied to the harvest of tough and damp grains, which will lead to the need for drying capacity and the need for increased management of stored grains.


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