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Statistics Canada Producer Deliveries of Major Grains

Cliff Jamieson
By  Cliff Jamieson , Canadian Grains Analyst
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The blue bars represent the cumulative deliveries of major grains reported by Statistics Canada for the August-through-March period, including unlicensed shipments to the United States. The brown bars represent the same eight-month period in 2015/16 and the grey bars represent the five-year average, as measured against the primary vertical axis. The black line with markers represents the five-year average of the percentage of total crop-year deliveries of each crop delivered as of March, measured against the secondary vertical axis. (DTN graphic by Nick Scalise)

Tuesday's Deliveries of Major Grains report released by Statistics Canada, which includes unlicensed deliveries to the United States, shows March deliveries at a four-month high while is the highest volume delivered for March seen in the crop years viewed since 2011/12. At 2 million metric tons, wheat (excluding durum) delivered by producers was the highest volume delivered since September, while the 1.848 mmt of canola delivered was a four-month high.

As seen on the attached chart, cumulative volumes of canola shipped in the first eight months or 67% of the crop year totaled 14.103 mmt, clearly well above the previous crop year and the five-year average for this period. The black line indicates that over the past five years (2011/12-2015/16), an average of 70.8% of the total crop year deliveries of canola have been made by the end of March.

Cumulative deliveries of wheat (excluding durum) as of March were slightly lower at 13.738 mmt, below both the 2015/16 crop year and the five-year average. Over the past five years, an average of 67.2% of crop-year deliveries are completed over this period, the lowest percentage of the major grains shown.

Of the grains shown, the past five-years point to producers delivering an average of 72.6% of crop year deliveries of oats by March, the highest share of the grains shown. Cumulative deliveries as of the month of March are only slightly behind year-ago volumes and above the five-year average.

Statistics Canada's Stocks of Principal Field Crops, March 31 will be released May 5 for the latest estimates of stocks, both farm and commercial.


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