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Favorable Late-September Pattern

Mike Palmerino
By  Mike Palmerino , DTN Senior Ag Meteorologist

Corn and soybean harvest is underway in most of the Midwest and the Northern Plains. Exceptions are corn in Iowa and Minnesota, where harvest has been delayed due to rain in the past few days.

Harvest progress mostly lags the normal due to crop development that is around a week behind average. However, recent very warm to hot conditions have accelerated crop development and ripening. The heat has pretty much taken the concern of an early freeze damaging immature crops off the table.

The overall weather pattern during the next ten days will be quite favorable for harvest in the eastern Midwest, Delta and Southeast states. There will be some harvest disruptions in the western Midwest and Northern Plains due to scattered showers and thunderstorms. However, this rainfall will help recharge soil moisture after a dry summer.

We will be watching the recharge of soil moisture in the Northern Plains and Midwest this fall quite closely, as the potential development of La Nina makes the precipitation pattern prior to planting in 2018 more uncertain. Soils are notably drier in Iowa and Illinois than a year ago.

Winter wheat planting is running behind normal in the Southern Plains and will be further delayed this week due to wet weather. However, this rainfall is very timely and leads to favorable conditions for planting and pre-winter development of the crop during the next few weeks.

Winter wheat planting is just getting underway in the southeast Midwest and north Delta. However, planting will likely be delayed due to mostly dry weather and above normal temperatures during the next 10 days.



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