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Favorable Weather for South America

Mike Palmerino
By  Mike Palmerino , DTN Senior Ag Meteorologist
Brazil's major crop areas have beneficial rain forecast -- including drier areas of the northeast -- through mid-January. (Graphic courtesy of NOAA)

The vast majority of the corn and soybean areas in Brazil and Argentina continue to experience very favorable growing conditions. There are favorable moisture conditions for developing and filling soybeans in southern Brazil along with adequate, but not excessive, moisture for filling and maturing soybeans and the early harvest in central Brazil.

Only in northeast Brazil centered around Bahia are conditions too hot and dry with some crop losses expected. However, this area produces a rather small percentage of the total crop.

After some concerns about dry weather in central Argentina during December, conditions have turned quite wet during the past two weeks. This has led to some concerns over flooding. We do not feel this will have a negative long-term impact on crop prospects. It is unfavorably dry in some of the southern growing areas of central Argentina which are mostly double-cropped soybeans following wheat. Some reduction in double-cropped acreage can be expected.

Western portions of the Southern plains have experienced dry weather this fall, along with some very cold weather this winter. This has caused some significant reduction in crop ratings during December.

However, the region is now in for some good news as the stormy weather pattern in California is going the affect the region during the weekend with widespread moderate to heavy mixed precipitation expected.

This will recharge soil moisture to be utilized by the crop when it breaks dormancy in the spring, helping to mitigate the impact of the cold dry weather.

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