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Delta Receives Beneficial Rain

Mike Palmerino
By  Mike Palmerino , DTN Senior Ag Meteorologist
Heavy rain indicated for the Delta and southeastern U.S. over the next week will offer some easing of extreme to exceptional drought. (NOAA graphic)

Beneficial rains are now occurring in the Delta states and will occur in the Southeast states.

After a very dry fall season that totally depleted topsoil moisture in Alabama and Georgia, based on the latest crop reports, a change in the weather pattern is now underway.

Heavy rains fell in the Delta states Monday with additional significant rains expected early next week. Moderate-to-heavy rain is forecast for Alabama and Georgia Tuesday and Wednesday, with additional rains forecast for early next week. This will greatly improve conditions for winter wheat which has been planted and allow producers to resume planting the remainder of the crop.

The news is not so good in the Southern Plains winter wheat belt. Dryness continues to increase across western portions of the belt with short to very short topsoil moisture ranging from 60 to 80%. Good to excellent crop ratings are down 3% from last week in Kansas and Oklahoma, 1% in Nebraska. Mostly dry weather is forecast during the next seven to 10 days along with near- to above-normal temperatures. Eastern portions of the wheat belt remain in good shape with mostly adequate soil moisture to support the crop.

There is still a small amount of corn yet to be harvested in the Midwest and Northern Plains.

The weather situation in South America remains quite favorable for developing soybeans in Brazil and for planting and developing corn and soybeans in Argentina.

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