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Weekly State Crop Report and Weather Comments

Mike Palmerino
By  Mike Palmerino , DTN Senior Ag Meteorologist

The latest state crop reports show the major corn and soybean producing states of Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois continue to improve on already outstanding crop ratings. This is due to the lack of any persistent heat and adequate rainfall. In fact, the Iowa state climatologist reported that Iowa has experienced its third consecutive week of much-above-normal rainfall. The only negative to this wet pattern is severe weather which caused some localized crop damage. The far eastern and western areas of the Corn Belt are not faring as well with soil moisture and crop ratings down in Ohio as the drought in the Northeast U.S. expands. And some dryness is stressing crops in central portions of Nebraska and South Dakota.

During the next seven days we expect favorable weather for corn and soybeans to continue in most of the Midwest. No persistent hot weather is indicated. It will not be as wet as it has been in the heart of the Corn Belt with a turn to near to below-normal rainfall. We could continue to see some stress in far western and eastern areas. Crop development is running ahead of normal. Corn pollination will be finishing up in much of the Midwest this week. Pod set and fill for soybeans is coming on rapidly.

The southern tier of states is seeing more stress to corn and soybeans with crop ratings deteriorating. Temperatures have been hot and rainfall more limited due to the impact of subtropical high pressure. Not as hot with some increase in rainfall is expected during the next seven days. This will ease stress. However filling corn and soybeans have been impacted.




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