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No "Dome of Doom" for Corn Belt

Bryce Anderson
By  Bryce Anderson , DTN Senior Ag Meteorologist
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Most of the 2016 corn crop is off to a good start on pollination, and indications are that big-time heat will not threaten its overall condition during the next two weeks. (DTN photo by Bryce Anderson)

July appears set to be a warm, but not excessively hot, month for the majority of the Corn Belt. That sets the stage for -- as we have noted before -- the potential for solid corn and soybean production this year, even if new records are not set.

Is it going to get hot during the next week? Yes it is. Ahead of that however, we have a mild weekend along with a fair amount of rain for almost the entire Corn Belt. Forecast charts as of Friday, July 15, indicated from one to 2-plus-inch rainfall totals for the majority of the Midwest. The rain began Thursday night-Friday morning, with totals exceeding one inch in central and northern Nebraska. So, the rainfall has begun.

There is certainly a round of heat indicated for the latter half of next week -- from July 20-24. However, the extent of this hotter spell does not last for more than about three days over the western and central Midwest, versus forecasts earlier in the week calling for almost a solid week of mid-90s Fahrenheit high temperatures over almost all Midwest areas. In other words, there is no "Dome of Doom" for the majority of the Corn Belt.

As far as August is concerned, we continue to see some moderate to heavy precip totals for the northern and western Corn Belt, with lighter amounts south (generally south of Interstate 80). While some areas will be drier, the forecast suggests that the rain pattern will not flip the switch to "off" over the next six weeks.

Once again, as mentioned earlier this month: Is this a "perfect" summer? No -- but it's certainly a long way from a "disaster" at this point.


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