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Wheat Improves In Latest Crop Report

Mike Palmerino
By  Mike Palmerino , DTN Senior Ag Meteorologist

The latest state crop reports indicate wheat crop development in the Southern Plains is moving right along with most of the crop jointed in Oklahoma and over 75 percent in Kansas. 25 percent of the Oklahoma crop is heading, with heading just getting underway in Kansas. With the heavy rains this past weekend, the crop should be entering the critical heading stage of development in great shape. With the chance of some follow-on rains this week, it appears that the wheat crop will have enough moisture to get it through heading in most areas.

Row crop activity is increasing. Corn planting progress is running ahead of normal in the western Midwest, and is well ahead of normal in Missouri. Planting progress is running behind normal in the eastern Midwest, although soils are drying out. With the prospects for near to above normal temperatures and limited rainfall this week, planting progress should continue to increase in all areas.

Farther south, corn planting progress is running ahead of normal in much of the Delta and is nearing completion in Arkansas and Louisiana. As corn planting nears completion, soybean planting is increasing. There will be some planting disruptions through midweek due to episodes of scattered showers and thunderstorms.

Spring wheat planting is running ahead of normal in the northern Plains, and well ahead of normal in South Dakota and Montana.

One area of notably dryness was in West Texas. The major cotton areas in the High Plains of West Texas missed all of the rain over the weekend. This will keep producers from doing much planting until more rain arrives.

Mike Palmerino



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