South America Calling

Drier South America Pattern

Heavier rainfall will move through Southern Brazil April 2-3, but looks to be only brief. (DTN graphic)

Brazil has seen showers become more isolated this week as second-crop corn and cotton in central and northern areas are entering establishment. Showers look to increase after April 3 but if they do not, stress could start to mount for the developing crops.

Southern Brazil continues to be dry. While showers occur maybe once each week, they are very sporadic with many areas being missed. Full-season corn and filling soybeans are in desperate need of rainfall and damage has been reported in these areas.

Heavier rainfall will move through the region April 2-3, but again looks to be only brief. Rainfall of 15-30 centimeters (about 0.50 to 1.50 inches) simply will not be enough for crops already damaged by the drier growing season.

Argentina continues to luck out on rainfall. Every time it appears the pattern is turning drier, showers develop and push back concerns to the next week. This week is no exception. Rainfall of 25-75 cm (about 1-3 inches) fell over the past seven days, a benefit to filling late-planted corn and filling soybeans.

The weather turns drier starting April 2 and indications are that precipitation will be limited for the beginning of the month. Will the forecast change around again and allow the region to pick up timely showers yet again? Corn is closer to maturity but soybeans, especially the double-cropped rotations, will still be filling through the end of April. Showers will become necessary again.

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