South America Calling

Mixed Bag for Central Brazil

Southern Brazil rain prospects continue light through early April. (DTN graphic)

Brazil continues to see showers over its northern zones that have generally finished planting second crop corn and cotton. These showers will help with emergence and establishment of these crops.

It is a mixed bag of precipitation over central areas. Scattered showers are missing some areas and are becoming too dry. Others are having enough rainfall for their newly planted crops. But over the south, dry conditions are mounting. Even with widespread rainfall over this past weekend, soils have only seen about 20-40% of their normal precipitation over the last 60 days. This dryness is having an adverse impact on full-season corn and soybeans that have yet to be harvested.

Argentina continues to have concerns over adequate moisture. After another dry weekend, showers will be moderate during midweek in the central and southern growing areas. Rainfall may persist in bands and could exceed 30 millimeters (around 1 inch) of accumulation. The area also looks to have a few chances at meaningful precipitation over the next week.

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