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Spot Ethanol Prices Retreat in Chicago, New York Harbor

Spot ethanol prices retreated Friday afternoon in Chicago and the New York Harbor after coming under pressure from building supply levels. The market for renewable identification numbers was also down after the Environmental Protection Agency reached a settlement agreement with a bankrupt Philadelphia refiner over its outstanding RIN obligation.

EPA has opened a 10-day public comment period on its settlement with PES over its outstanding RIN obligation.

In physical trade, prompt delivered ethanol at Argo traded six times during the aftermarket window at $1.465, $1.46 and $1.4575 per gallon for a 2.0-cent loss.

Ethanol railed under Rule 11 terms for this week shipment traded at $1.47 per gallon for a 1.0-cent loss. NYH March delivered ethanol barge was assessed down 1.0 cent at $1.585 per gallon.

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