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The United Soybean Board has set the ambitious goal of reaching a 60-bushel-per-acre national average by 2025. Many U.S. soybean growers have already surpassed that milestone and set their sights on reaching 100-bushel yields. To learn more about some of these top growers and their practices, read their stories in this new special feature.

Progressive Farmer photo by Jim Patrico
Progressive Farmer photo by Jim Patrico
Fred Below believes the national average soybean yield can climb higher. (DTN photo by Pam Smith)

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University of Illinois crop physiologist shares six secrets of soybean success.

In 2014, several states set records for top soybean yields, including Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Mississippi, Arkansas, Missouri and South Dakota. (DTN photo by Jim Patrico)

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2014 was a record-breaking year for soy yields because of almost perfect weather.

Despite a late start, soybeans in Kip Cullers' 2015 high-yield plot have a lot of branches and clusters of pods. This random sample from a non-irrigated part of the field tallied 328 total pods -- 86 on the main stem. (DTN/The Progressive Farmer photo by Pamela Smith)

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Soybean record holder sets the bar high.

Jason Smith's nonbiotech, mostly Group IV soybeans, average 57 bushels per acre across his Arkansas farm. (DTN/Progressive Farmer photo by Patrick R. Shephard)

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Nontransgenic soybean seed delivers high yields and helps reduce input costs.