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Brazil Soy Harvesting 61% Complete

Brazilian soybean harvesting moved forward quickly last week despite heavy showers in parts of the center-west and southeast, said AgRural, a local farm consultancy.

As a result, harvesting reached 61% as of Friday, an advance of 9 percentage points from the week before and ahead of 59% at the same time last year.

Farmers chose to harvest with high humidity rather than risk damage to the beans, AgRural said.

In Mato Grosso, the No. 1 soy state, fieldwork reached 85% complete, back from the 88% registered at the same point last year. The wet conditions have already damaged quality in parts of the north of the state.

In Goias, harvesting progressed well despite some heavy rain, reaching 86% complete. In the big-producing southeast of the state, yields are averaging around 47 bushels per acre.

In the south and southeast of the country, drier weather favored harvesting.

Farmers in Parana, the No. 2 soy state, have harvested 79% of the crop, up from 68% last week.

In the southernmost state of Rio Grande do Sul, dry weather also favoured fieldwork, but with only 6% of area ready for harvest, that is a net negative.

Matopiba, the expansion region in the eastern Cerrado, received rain last week, which was welcome after a long dry period in February. But with many crops hitting reproductive phases last month, some of the losses are irreversible, said the consultancy.

In Maranhao, where 29% of the crop has been harvested, later beans can recover, but medium-cycle beans can't. The situation is similar in Tocantins, where 30% of the crop has been harvested and in Bahia, where 18% has been collected.



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