Deere Announces Four-Track 8RX Tractor is Coming at Dealer Event in Spain

Dan Miller
By  Dan Miller , Progressive Farmer Senior Editor
Screenshot from a reported John Deere dealer event in Spain last month revealed an image of the 8RX on a giant screen. (Photo courtesy of Farm Connexion)

At a dealer event in Valencia, Spain, John Deere unveiled its new 7R, 8R and 8RT tractors. An unidentified Deere representative at the event also confirmed the manufacturer's plans to produce a new four-track tractor, the 8RX.

A video of the event showed that Deere revealed a life-sized image of the 8RX on a giant screen, flanked by a pair of new 8R and 8RT models physically driven into an arena surrounded by dealers to a heavy beat and laser lights.

The 8RX will debut at AGRITECHNICA 2019 in November in Hanover, Germany.

The video footage was obtained and reported by Farm Connexion (France) on Sept. 25, 2019. Farm Connexion is an on-line service reporting on agricultural equipment news.

The new 8RX is a soil specialist, the speaker told the dealer audience. "Like a Formula 1 car is tuned to the racetrack, the new 8RX is tuned to maximize in-field performance with minimal soil compaction."

The Deere presenter told the dealers the 8RX is a unique machine. He described it as "the first, unique, four-track standard design, exclusive to you, exclusive to Deere."

He told dealers present at the event in Spain they would be able to begin ordering the 8RX also in November.

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