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Mike Palmerino
By  Mike Palmerino , DTN Senior Ag Meteorologist

No major changes in the latest state crop reports. Crop ratings remain high across much of the Midwest and Northern Plains. The only exceptions are Indiana where ratings are more normal and Ohio where they are below normal. This is mostly due to prior drought. Recent heavy rains in these areas have actually raised concern about too much rain causing some disease issues. This has also been the case in Minnesota. The only state reporting some dryness concerns is Nebraska, however crop ratings have not decreased and have in fact increased a bit for soybeans.

The outlook going forward calls for near to above normal rainfall in the Midwest during the next 10 days. This rain will become less beneficial for crops as they move past the filling stages and into maturation and harvest. In fact, much of the corn crop is already in the denting stage with more of the soybean crop starting to turn color. It is too soon to be concerned about wet weather impacting maturing crops and the harvest, but it does bear watching as we head into September. With crop progress running ahead of normal there is little concern about an early freeze (if one were to occur) being much of the factor this year.

We continue to see a fairly active rainfall pattern in the southern plains which will benefit winter wheat planting during the month of September if it continues.

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