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State Crop Report and Weather Comments

Mike Palmerino
By  Mike Palmerino , DTN Senior Ag Meteorologist

The latest state crop reports indicate that corn planting is nearly complete in the western Midwest as well as Illinois, but is still behind in the remainder of the eastern Midwest. Soybean planting is ahead of normal in the northwest Midwest but behind normal elsewhere.

The weather pattern will feature more rainfall in the western Midwest during the next seven days than in the east. This should allow for improved planting numbers in the east. Soil moisture supplies are adequate to surplus across most of the Midwest, favoring developing crops except in eastern areas where it has been too wet, leading to some yellowing of corn.

With the weather looking wet in western areas during the next seven days some reports of yellowing corn can be expected while conditions improve in the east. Reports indicate the frost and freeze conditions of a week ago in the northwest Midwest had little negative impact on crops with just some minimal replanting of corn reported.

Adequate soil moisture in much of the Southern Pains favors heading and filling wheat. However some of the crop is beginning to mature from southern Kansas southward. With near to above normal rainfall expected during the next seven days some increase in disease issues are expected.

One of the few states that is actually experiencing some dryness affecting crop emergence and development is North Dakota. Planting progress has been well ahead of normal for all crops this spring due to drier-than-normal conditions with 33% of the state reporting short to very short topsoil moisture. Some scattered showers are expected during the next seven days, however rainfall is expected to remain at near to below normal levels.



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