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During the 2018 season, Kyle Krier saw soybeans flourish with abundant rainfall, but wet conditions also brought a nail biter harvest as he reported in DTN's View From the Cab series. (DTN photo by Pamela Smith)

DECATUR, Ill. (DTN) -- The summary of Kyle Krier's 2018 crop season was one of wacky weather. The frequent rains that found his central Kansas farm kept him scrambling and provided plenty of fodder for weekly reports to DTN.

For the past 14 years, DTN's View from the Cab series has encouraged readers to experience the successes, struggles and dreams of two farm families from spring planting through harvest. Now we're looking for volunteers to step into the role for 2019.

Each year we select two farmers from different areas to share their views on the season and agriculture. Deadline for the opportunity is April 15.

Genny Haun reported in from Kenton, Ohio, this past year. She said the experience caused the Layman Farms team to adopt a habit of gathering each week to review and plan ahead. "It did wonders to keep us all on the same track and that's something we want to continue," said Haun.

Kyle Krier filed from Claflin, Kansas. He said reader responses and hearing what happening elsewhere made him think beyond his own fields and furrows.

"It definitely opened my eyes to agriculture in other regions and how diverse it truly is in the U.S.," said Krier. "I loved learning about the

challenges, differences in practice and how others use their time and abilities for their own prosperity."

The 2018 season definitely contained its moments. We interviewed Haun and Krier via texts, direct messages, emails, phone calls and personal visits to each farmer. We talked to them while they were baling hay, hauling kids to preschool and trying to fix computer issues (everyone's worst nightmare). Both families welcomed new babies. We lamented employee labor challenges, disagreed and agreed on dicamba, crunched through crop insurance concerns and covered many other agricultural issues.

What makes View From the Cab special as an editorial feature is it is real and celebrates the day-to-day.

"The whole experience reminded me why I decided to farm in the first place," Haun noted. "Agriculture is truly a passion of mine, and I want our family operation to run as efficiently and effectively as possible. I also want to stay actively involved in the agriculture community both at my local level and state."

Farmers interested in participating in View From the Cab during the 2019 season should send us a short note and tell us why you and your farm should be featured in this series. Give us an idea of what you grow, where you are and why you'd like to be considered.

Send your letter to

Past View From the Cab featured farmers have been:

2018: Genny Haun, Kenton, Ohio; Kyle Krier, Claflin, Kansas

2017: Zack Rendel, Miami, Oklahoma; Brent and Lisa Judisch, Cedar Falls, Iowa

2016: Chase Brown, Warrensburg, Illinois; Jim Hoover, Newport, Pennsylvania

2015: Lane Robinson, Cromwell, Indiana; Leon Kriesel, Gurley, Nebraska

2014: Karen and Bill Johnson, Avoca, Iowa; Jamie Harris, Madison, Florida

2013: William "Shep" Sheppard, Louisiana, Missouri; Kane Bercaw, Union City, Michigan

2012: Katie Sanger Hancock, Water Valley, Kentucky; Ryan Brodersen, Randolph, Nebraska

2011: Tom Tibbits, Minneapolis, Kansas; David Brandt, Carroll, Ohio

2010: Becton Bell, Wilson, Arkansas; Frank Zweber, Hoven, South Dakota

2009: Marcus Hess, Bushnell, Illinois; Matt Wolle, St. James, Minnesota

2008: Dan Pedersen, Underwood, Iowa; Brad Lindstrom, Varna, Illinois

2007: Matt Rush, Fairfield, Illinois; Jason Heijl, Abbott, Texas

2006: Bob Worth, Lake Benton, Minnesota; Keith Miller, Great Bend, Kansas

2005: Richard Oswald, Langdon, Missouri; Mark Rasumssen, Hoagland, Montana.

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