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Saskatchewan's Declining Crop Condition

Cliff Jamieson
By  Cliff Jamieson , Canadian Grains Analyst
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The blue bars represent the crop condition index for select Saskatchewan crops as of July 26 based on the province's condition ratings. This compares to the index calculated in late July 2020 (brown bars) and the five-year average (green bars). (DTN graphic by Cliff Jamieson)

The attached chart represents a graphical representation of Saskatchewan Agriculture's crop conditions for select crops as of July 26 (blue bars), while compared to late-July 2020 (brown bars) and the five-year average (green bars).

The crop condition index is calculated using the provincial crop condition estimates using the following formula:

CCI = (3 X % Excellent) plus (2 X % Good) plus (1 X % Fair) minus (1 X % Poor) minus (2 X % Very Poor)

Of the select crops on the chart, all showed deterioration since the last condition was reported as of July 12. The largest drop across these crops was seen for oats at 46 points, while the next largest was soybeans at 38 points followed by barley at 31 points. The spring wheat condition fell by 24 points, canola fell by 19 points and durum by 15 points.

The move over the past two weeks saw the CCI for barley (minus 18 points) and canola (minus 4 points) join durum in negative territory (minus 35 points), with the CCI shown in brackets.

Since the highest condition ratings reported as of mid-June, the largest declines were seen for durum at 221 points and barley at 207 points. The spring wheat CCI fell by 166 points and the canola CCI has fallen by 169 points. The crops that have shown the smallest decline in the CCI is winter wheat, falling by 85 points, and soybeans, falling by 97 points. An explanation for this may be that the damage for winter wheat was already done due to the dry spring, with the mid-June CCI calculated at a modest 115 points. In the case of soybeans, August is the most critical time for soybeans, so the current dry conditions may lead to a sharp deterioration in the weeks ahead.


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