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Generally Favorable Weather for Corn, Soy in S. America

Mike Palmerino
By  Mike Palmerino , DTN Senior Ag Meteorologist

Rainfall patterns across much of Brazil remain active with frequent episodes of scattered showers and thunderstorms in most major growing areas.

If this pattern continues into January, it will become unfavorable for maturing soybeans in the Mato Grosso with increasing disease pressure and disruptions to the early harvest.

The weather pattern has been turning drier in the major corn and soybean areas of central Argentina. This has favored planting, but is depleting soil moisture. For the most part, the weather has not been hot until Monday when temperatures reached 95 to 100 Fahrenheit. Hot weather is expected during the latter part of the week and will further deplete soil moisture, increasing crop stress.

However, the models have been consistent in forecasting increasing episodes of scattered showers and thunderstorms over the weekend and next week. This will be very timely and beneficial rainfall.

The dramatic turn to cold and stormy weather in the central United States during the past seven to 10 days is expected to continue during the next five to seven days. This will cause some transportation issues, along the increasing feed usage for livestock. We continue to see indications on the six-to-10-day guidance of the rapid breakdown of the blocking pattern in Alaska which has caused this cold weather. This will allow some moderation in temperatures due to more Pacific flow developing.

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Bryce Anderson
12/15/2016 | 5:49 AM CST
Southern Argentina crop areas could use the rain. A report out Thursday December 15 indicates that southern Buenos Aires has had the driest 45-day stretch--November 1 to mid-December--in 50 years. That's the southern hemisphere equivalent of May 1 to June 15.