• Ag Weather Forum

    The chalky look of a bathtub ring encircles Lake Mead on the Colorado River in Arizona in this January 2022 photo. The water level has dropped further in the past six months. (DTN photo by Mary Kennedy)
    Posted by Bryce Anderson , Ag Meteorologist Emeritus

    Low reservoirs and dwindling snowmelt leave western U.S. cities and farms looking at a future with reduced water supplies.

  • Canada Markets

    Canada's terminal grain stocks rose for the first time in six weeks in week 46 (blue line), while is reported at the lowest volume reported for this week in eight years. Terminal stocks are down 15% from the three-year average. (DTN graphic by Cliff Jamieson)
    Posted by Cliff Jamieson , Canadian Grains Analyst

    Despite forecasts pointing to tight ending stocks of many grains by the end of the crop year, or July 31, terminal stocks of grain rose in week 46 and remain relatively close to the average for this week.

  • Editors' Notebook

    The open, efficient workshop designed by Mark Barglof, of Burt, Iowa, is one of three featured in the Summer 2022 issue of Progressive Farmer.
    Posted by Greg D Horstmeier , DTN Editor-in-Chief

    The current issue of Progressive Farmer features our annual Farm Shops feature. Check it out, and watch for features on those shops on our DTN/Progressive Farmer digital platforms as well.

  • Market Matters Blog

    DTN's weekly spot price for domestic distillers dried grains for the week ended June 23 was $7 lower on average versus one week ago. (DTN file photo)
    Posted by Mary Kennedy , DTN Basis Analyst

    DTN's weekly average spot price for domestic distillers dried grains was $7 lower on average versus one week ago.

  • Production Blog

    Tossed pivots and hail-damaged crops have been making for a tumultuous crop season so far. These fields in Nebraska are an example of how violent weather can get. (DTN photo by Elaine Shein)
    Posted by Pamela Smith , Crops Technology Editor

    Recent storms may have knocked these Nebraska farmers around, but they are fighting the odds and replanting.

  • Ag Policy Blog

    Witnesses from commodity groups that testified June 17 before leaders on the Senate Agriculture Committee at a field hearing in Arkansas. From left, Nathan Reed, Brad Doyle, Anne Marie Doramus, John McAlpine, Mark Morgan and Jennifer James. (Image from Senate Ag GOP Twitter post)
    Posted by Jerry Hagstrom , DTN Political Correspondent

    Farm groups testifying before Senate Agriculture Committee leaders at a hearing in Arkansas stressed they want more funding for commodity programs in the next farm bill.

  • Technically Speaking

    Lean hogs are caught in a trading range which could produce aimless, whipsaw risk moving forward. (DTN ProphetX chart by Tregg Cronin)

    A technical look at livestock futures charts.

  • An Urban's Rural View

    The Federal Reserve Board's increasing aggressiveness in fighting inflation is evident in the accelerating size of its interest rate hikes--a 25 basis point increase in the benchmark federal funds rate in March, a 50 point increase in May and a 75 point increase in June. (Table courtesy of the Federal Reserve)
    Posted by Urban C Lehner , Editor Emeritus

    The Federal Reserve Board doesn't want a recession, but by raising its benchmark interest rates an unexpected 0.75 it's choosing to emphasize fighting inflation even at the risk of causing one.

  • Fundamentally Speaking

    By Joel Karlin, DTN Contributing Analyst
    Posted by Joel Karlin , DTN Contributing Analyst

    Week 23 soybean ratings for the top 18 producing states and the U.S. for this year, last year and the average, worst and best week 23 ratings for the time period 2000-2022

  • MachineryLink

    AGCO continues to target the high-tech retrofit market with its most recent purchase, Canadian technology innovator, JCA. (DTN photo by Dan Miller)
    Posted by Dan Miller , Progressive Farmer Senior Editor

    ACGO marches toward autonomy with its newest tech buy JCA Technologies of Canada. It brings to the ag manufacturer technologies that will be embedded in AGCO equipment lines and in a larger menu of technologies that can be installed on a wide range of existing and competing...

  • Sort & Cull

    Heading into this week and next, cattlemen are anxious to see how the first of the 2022 feeder cattle video sales fares. (DTN file photo)
    Posted by ShayLe Stewart , DTN Livestock Analyst

    While inflation runs untamed and interest rates are bound to keep rising, cattlemen hope buyers will remain active participants in this week's market as they understand that there will be fewer calves and feeder cattle available this fall.

  • Ethanol Blog

    Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine asked the EPA on Friday to launch a rulemaking to allow year-round E15 sales to be permanent in the state. (DTN file photo)

    Ohio Republican Gov. Mike DeWine asked EPA on Friday to conduct a rulemaking to allow permanent E15 sales in the state.

  • South America Calling

    Frost potential depicted by the American Global Forecast System (GFS) model for June 10 extends through the weekend. Frost potential likely covers a larger area than the GFS is painting here, circled in black. (DTN graphic)
    Posted by John Baranick , DTN Meteorologist

    Though corn is much further in its development this year than last, the next round of frost could be more widespread than in May and may cause more damage.

  • Minding Ag's Business

    Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank President Esther George sees challenges ahead for attempts to fight inflation. (Photo courtesy of Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank)

    Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank President Esther George said there are unique economic challenges as the Fed attempts to bring inflation back to its 2% target.