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China to Require DDG Importers to Register Purchases

Cheryl Anderson
By  Cheryl Anderson , DTN Staff Reporter

China recently announced it is changing requirements for importers of dried distillers grains, barley, cassava and sorghum, according to an article by (…).

Beginning Sept. 1, Chinese importers will need to register purchases of DDG. This is causing some anxiety in grains markets.

Some in the industry think China's latest sanction is its attempt to turn its domestic end users away from DDG and corn from foreign countries like the U.S. and back to its glut of domestic corn. Many times, Chinese importers are able to import U.S. DDG and other grains at a lower cost than buying from China's domestic supplies.

Some speculate China may further restrict sorghum imports, similar to the country's clampdown on DDG containing the MIR 162 biotech trait in corn last year.

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