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Spot Ethanol Prices Mixed in Lackluster Early Session

Spot ethanol prices in Chicago and northern Californian edged slightly higher early Friday, while prices in Arizona eased and the rest of the regional hubs were unchanged on the session. Trade volume was extremely thin ahead of the weekend break, with a trade source saying the market was "largely balanced," an improvement after being tight midweek.

Prompt Argo delivered ethanol traded 0.5 cent up at $1.515 gallon while August delivered ethanol barge at the New York Harbor was pegged steady at $1.60 gallon. Prompt shipment of ethanol was talked in northern California cash market at $1.645 to $1.68 gallon bid/ask for a 0.25-cent gain. Arizona spot prices talked at $1.63 to $1.64 gallon bid/ask for a 2.0-cent loss.

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