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  • Brazil: Lower Ethanol Production

    The Union of Sugarcane Industry Association, Brazil's largest trade group for sugarcane and ethanol producers, said in its biweekly update issued today that sugarcane crushed in the country's south-central region plummeted during the first half of April.

  • Under the cash method of accounting, income is only taxed when converted to cash. (DTN file photo)

    Taxlink by Andy Biebl

    Congress has given some unique privileges in the tax code to farmers. The most important is undoubtedly the ability to use the cash method of accounting.

  • Senate Eyes Biodiesel

    U.S. Senators Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, and Maria Cantwell, D-Wash., who is ranking member on the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, and 14 other senators on Wednesday introduced bipartisan legislation to reform the biodiesel tax credit and...

  • EIA: Ethanol Stocks Up; Production Down

    The U.S. Energy Information Administration issued a report midmorning on Wednesday, showing domestic ethanol inventories and blending demand increased last week while plant production fell.

  • Purple deadnettle casts a colorful hue over a southern Illinois field north of Metropolis. The beauty has a negative side for farmers. (DTN photo by Pamela Smith)

    Negotiate the Purple Haze

    Nature gives and takes as winter annuals create a questionable splash of color over the landscape.

  • EIA: Ethanol Stocks, Output Up

    U.S. fuel ethanol inventories, plant production and blending demand all increased last week after falling week prior.

  • Forage specialists report forages generally appear to be in good shape across the country as the growing season begins. (DTN file photo)

    Forage Outlook

    Forages generally appear to be in good shape across the country as the growing season begins, forage specialists report. However, there could be some issues with winter injury and possible problems with increased numbers of pests and weeds with the...

  • Ethanol Output at 6-Month Low

    NEW YORK (DTN) -- Domestic fuel ethanol inventories plunged last week from a record high while plant production dropped to a six-month low and blending demand fell from a three-month high, the latest report by the U.S.

  • USDA is opening conservation reserve program acres to emergency grazing in Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas. (DTN file photo)

    CRP Acres Open

    Conservation reserve program acres will be opened to grazing to help ranchlands damaged in wildfires.

  • EIA: Ethanol Stocks at Record High

    Domestic fuel ethanol inventories posted another build last week, surging 1.9% to a record high while plant production eased, according to the latest report by the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

  • EIA: Ethanol Stockpiles at 1-Year High

    U.S. ethanol stockpiles increased last week alongside a ramp up in plant production, with total inventories surging by about 700,000 barrels (bbl), or 2.9%, to better-than-one-year high of 23.3 million bbl after falling for three prior weeks, the Energy...

  • A 2015 USDA study looked at health insurance by different commodities. Dairy farmers stood out as the group least likely to have coverage. The failure of the health reform bill last week in Congress means farmers and other small businesses will continue to struggle with issues such as annual premium increases. (Graphic courtesy of USDA)

    Insurance Problems Remain

    Shelving health-care insurance reform doesn't make the problems go away that face farmers and other small businesses dealing with annual increases in premiums for their workers or themselves.

  • The Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research and Samuel Noble Foundation announced a $6.6 million research initiative to improve and expand cover crops nationally. (DTN file photo by Chris Clayton)

    Cash Planted Into Cover Crops

    A research initiative to promote soil health through the development and adoption of new cover crops across the country is being made possible by a $2.2 million grant from the Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research and the Samuel Noble...

Ag Interest Rate

DTN Ag Interest Rate Snapshot
as of: 5/26/17 5/26/16
Prime Rate 4.00 3.50
30-Day Libor 1.04 0.44
1-Year Libor 1.72 1.31
10-Yr. Treasury 2.24 1.86
CCC Loan Rate 2.000 1.625
Real Estate * 4.48 4.24
Operating * 4.27 4.50
Feeder Livestock * 4.00 4.01
Farm Machinery * 4.58 4.14
* Federal Reserve's quarterly average
effective interest rates at ag banks.

The Federal Reserve’s December 2015 decision to gradually lift short-term interest rates has already hiked key rates on farm loans.