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  • The three-month outlook of spring precipitation shows it is not favorable for the Southern Plains. (Graphic courtesy of NOAA)

    Drought Changes Fertility Plans

    Dry conditions are forcing Southern Plains producers to rethink their fertilizer application plans this spring.

  • A number of states challenged the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's delay of the 2015 waters of the United States rule this week, prompting agriculture interest groups to respond. (DTN file photo by Chris Clayton)

    Ag Sues on WOTUS

    A number of agriculture interest groups asked a federal court this week to place a new stay on the 2015 waters of the United States, or WOTUS, rule.

  • EIA: Ethanol Stocks Jump

    The U.S. Energy Information Administration's latest weekly report shows ethanol supply in the United States up 500,000 bbl or 2.2% to 23.5 million bbl during the week-ended Feb. 2, moving closer to the record high of...

  • Record US Ethanol Exports in 2017

    The United States exported a record 1.37 billion gallons of ethanol to more than 60 countries in 2017, up 17% from 2016.

  • Ethanol groups have growing concerns about the ability for 25 small refiners to receive waivers from their Renewable Fuel Standard obligations. (DTN/The Progressive Farmer file photo by Jim Patrico)

    Grassley Releases RFS Memo

    East Coast refiner Philadelphia Energy Solutions filed for bankruptcy protection in recent weeks, blaming costs to comply with the Renewable Fuel Standard as its reason. Sen. Charles Grassley on Tuesday released a...

  • Brice Custer of Hays, Kansas, (left) and Jimmy Emmons of Leedey, Oklahoma, both spoke at the No-till on the Plains conference this week in Wichita, Kansas, about ways cover crops added profitability to their operations. (DTN photos/illustration by Chris Clayton)

    Diversifying for Soil Health

    While various institutes, universities and partnerships continue studying soil health and cover-crop practices to come up with economic models, farmers highlight their savings or gains at conferences such as No-till...

  • The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is in the process of rewriting the waters of the United States rule. (Photo by Chris Clayton)

    WOTUS Challenge Expected

    New York's attorney general announced he is forming a multi-state coalition to file a legal challenge to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's delay of the 2015 waters of the United States rule.

  • Ethanol Stocks Tumble From Record High

    Ethanol supply in the United States tumbled 800,000 barrels (bbl), or 3.4%, from a record high to 23.0 million bbl during the week-ended Jan. 26, with plant production also down substantially.

  • A Twin Diamond strip-till implement demonstrates four types of closing wheels. (DTN/The Progressive Farmer photo by Susan Winsor)

    Conservation Tillage Checklist

    Consider multiple factors when switching to a higher-surface residue system.

  • RFA Seeks EPA Clarity on RFS Exemption

    The Renewable Fuels Association this week sent a letter to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, complaining that there is a lack of transparency in the agency's management of Renewable Fuel Standard's small...

  • Ethanol Stocks Soared to 23.8M Bbl

    The Energy Information Administration showed in supply data released midmorning a buildup in U.S. ethanol stocks continued last week, reporting a 1.1 million bbl or 4.8% spike in domestic inventory for the week ended...

  • Ethanol Stocks Hit Record High

    A buildup in U.S. ethanol stocks continued last week, with a 1.1 million barrel (bbl), or 4.8%, spike in domestic inventory for the week-ended Jan. 19 to a record high of 23.8 million bbl.

  • D6 RINs Generated in December Dip

    In December, the renewable fuels industry generated nearly 1.28 billion D6 renewable identification numbers, down a little more than 30 million from November, according to the EPA.

  • EIA: Ethanol Stocks Steady

    U.S. ethanol stockpiles held steady at 22.7 million barrels (bbl) during the week-ended Jan. 12 while plant production and blending demand increased following declines the week prior.

  • A recent national survey conducted by Purdue University found that 52% of producers see farmland as either a good or "extremely" good investment. (DTN/The Progressive Farmer file photo)

    The Land Plan

    Farmland is an investment and a business asset, but it's also personal history and emotion. Additionally, land purchased as an investment may not necessarily be good for the businesses' cash-flow.

  • EIA: Ethanol Stocks Climb

    The U.S. Energy Information Administration reported on Thursday, Jan. 4, a big build for U.S. fuel ethanol inventories while domestic plant production and blending demand declined during the week-ended Dec. 29.

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Ag Interest Rate

DTN Ag Interest Rate Snapshot
as of: 2/16/18 2/16/17
Prime Rate 4.25 3.75
30-Day Libor 1.59 0.77
1-Year Libor 2.38 1.72
10-Yr. Treasury 2.88 2.48
CCC Loan Rate 2.750 1.875
Real Estate * 4.83 4.24
Operating * 4.77 4.50
Feeder Livestock * 4.51 4.01
Farm Machinery * 5.55 4.14
* Federal Reserve's quarterly average
effective interest rates at ag banks.

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