Investing in Ag Tools

Chat with Adrian Percy for a look into the future of crop-protection products. As chief of technology of UPL, he searches for "small, agile, innovative companies" to bring new ideas into the research arena.

UPL recently built a new research and development hub in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, designed specifically to help agriculture start-ups, called the OpenAg Center.

"Our OpenAg purpose leads us to invest in interesting new technologies from the outside world that could eventually be valuable tools for farmers," Percy explains. "There are many of these companies right now, particularly in the biological and digital space, with some very exciting and fresh approaches.

"Financing is one of the challenges these smaller companies face, and leveraging our facilities will speed up product testing," he continues. "The new facilities include research greenhouses, space for formulation and laboratories to support application, delivery, characterization, mode of action and resistance research in fungicides, insecticides, herbicides, seed treatments and digital ag tools."

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