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  • John Fleming turned to an ancient crop—sorghum—to help manage his bottom line through drought. Durham, North Carolina, brewer Fullsteam blends North Carolina-grown sorghum into its Sorghum Foxfire IPA, Image by Will and Deni McIntyre

    New Day For Sorghum

    Peter Fleming looks for crops that can maximize profits even in drought. That's one reason the North Carolina grower turned to sorghum, a crop University of Tennessee crop marketing specialist Aaron Smith calls "this ancient grain."

  • Soil health improves by leaving barley stubble a full year without tillage, Brian Neufeld says, Image by Susan Artaechevarria

    Brewing Up Water Savings

    In Colorado's San Luis Valley, Brian Neufeld considers it a victory to save even 1 inch of irrigation water. The aquifer feeding his wells normally recharges relatively fast, but it has declined during the extreme drought of recent years. Now, area farmers are trying to...

  • Farmland is still considered a stable investment that gives buyers long-term confidence, Image by Elaine Shein

    Farmland Prices Stay Strong

    Farmland values continue to shrug at lower grain prices. Even in wheat country, the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City reported relatively stable farmland values for the fourth quarter 2017 in the ag-centric district covering Colorado, Kansas, western Missouri, Nebraska...

  • Despite the difficulty in sampling for phosphorus, there are steps producers can take to be more precise (i.e., yearly sampling), Image by Jim Patrico

    Precision Soil Testing

    Modern variable-rate technology (VRT) gives growers the ability to apply nutrients according to prescriptions determined by soil samples. However, there is an ongoing conversation among agronomists about how well correlated sampling methods are to actual phosphorus (P...

  • Installing tile at his own expense is a win-win for Dave Albin and the landowners, Image by Dave Charrlin

    Trading In Tile

    Dave Albin has a strong motivation to ensure his family's six-generation Illinois farm continues for decades to come. In doing so, he tries to make the farm as productive as possible for their operation as well as their landowners.

  • Jim Willis (left) and Garry Stephens stand in quail habitat. They say at least 300 to 500 clumps of bunch grass per acre provide suitable nesting cover, Image by Karl Wolfshohl

    Johnny Quailseed

    You have likely heard stories about Johnny Appleseed, a character based on a real nurseryman named John Chapman. Chapman introduced apples to a large part of the Midwest and northeastern U.S., and Ontario in the early 1800s. Jim Willis is taking a similar approach for...

  • During the course of 10 years, Frank Gore has turned 627 Texas acres into a hunting and wildlife habitat hot spot, Image by Karl Wolfshohl

    Duck-Land Paradise

    Frank Gore remembers as a child sleeping on the floor of a duck blind at daybreak as his father and grandfather called over decoys to distant birds. Now a third-generation duck hunter, Gore has a grandson of his own, and he's doing what he can to make similar memories...