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    It's never been more important to understand the combinations of corn traits being planted. The 2018 Handy Bt Trait Table is designed to help growers do a better job of rotating traits.

  • Monarchs are partial to common milkweed for egg laying. The leaves are food sources for the caterpillars, and the flowers become nectar sources for adult butterflies, Image by Pamela Smith


    Encouraging weeds to grow isn't something Andy Herring generally works to achieve. However, last year, the North Carolina farmer joined in a national effort to plant milkweed to support monarch butterflies along their migration path. That experience taught him the plant...

  • Image by Gregg Hillyer

    Ask The Vet

    Q: When we had a cow that was sick, my grandfather would say, "She lost her cud." He liked to see most of the cows laying down and chewing their cud. He seemed almost obsessed with this, but I have never known why cows chew their cud, and is it as important as he...

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    Family Business Matters

    Family members don't often talk about why they are estranged from one another. Perhaps they are ashamed to admit they can't get along with a relative, or maybe they feel they have failed at being a family. Some may not understand why their siblings or children or...

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    Ask The Mechanic

    Q: Do you think a fuel stabilizer works? I have a hard time starting my line trimmer after it goes unused all winter. I have heard that leaving fuel in a small engine carburetor all winter long is not good for any part of the fuel system.

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    Inside The Market

    Keep in mind this piece was written before knowing how much of January's weather would play out. But, if late-December and early-January icebox conditions were any indication, the famed "polar vortices" of years past were nothing more than a bit chilly. Good heavens it...

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    The changes in the recent tax reform legislation regarding asset purchases and trade-ins are among the most significant for ag producers. With one provision retroactive, it's important to understand all of your choices.